My name is Craig and I live in Ashford, Middlesex.
I have a beautiful partner, Sandra, a young son, Harry, and two grown up step-kids too, Tom and Ella.

My first serious steps into the world of photography took place at my junior school.... I was all of 11 years of age where I was a keen member of the school photography club, where we learnt to take photos with manual-everything medium format cameras, and to process our own films and to print the black and white pictures in the school darkroom (a blacked-out caretaker's room) using the old fashioned techniques of 'dodging' and 'burning' to enhance them.

In 1984 I got my first SLR... a Pentax ME Super, a proper camera and real step up from the horrible film cartridge cameras of the time. It was a relevation to use and the results were very pleasing.

I was a keen motorcyclist at the time, so I taught myself how to take action photos of motorcycle racers at Brands Hatch. It was a steep (and expensive) learning curve... process and printing costs were considerable in those pre-digital days.

Somehow, in the late 90's, I managed to end up working as a journo for a few motorcycle magazines, often taking photographs for features and sometimes being on the other, more glamorous side of the lens as well. We always we used to shoot on slide film back then... and budgets were always tight....we had to get our shots without wasting film, so getting correct exposure and composition was important to get right straight away, something I still strive to do.

My other interests are coarse angling, model making (you know...airfix kits, very nerdy), computer programming (ultra nerdy), gardening, cooking curries from scratch, and anything to do with sports motorcycles and miltary aviation.